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Optical Sorting Systems - Recycling

Optical recognition system 3-stage

Optical recognition systems are highly automated and capable of high material capture for high throughput volumes.

You can obtain a Plastic or Paper stream nearly pure to 100% according to the type of the input material.

In a manual Material Recovery Facility, sorting a stream of packaging and papers is the most time demanding process.  Automated recognition systems give you the ability to separate higher volumes in less time, reducing your labor costs and improving your product quality.

Implementing different optical separators you can:

  • Separate the plastic and fibrous materials
  • Recover all the recyclable plastics
  • Separate a stream of newspapers and magazines
  • Sort the recyclable material and colour.  

Plastic recyclers are able to:

  • Separate plastics by polymers such as PET, HDPE, , etc.
  • Eliminate all contaminants containing chlorine such as PVC, PV.
  • Recover PE films
  • Sort plastics by colour.

Paper recyclers can:

  • Increase the volume of recoverable paper
  • Separate different paper qualities
  • Purify paper stream separating the brown cardboard and recovering the white paper
  • Obtain a Stream for deinking
  • Limit paper loos

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Recycling Sorting Systems

Optical Sorting Systems


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