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Sorting Plants

Sorting Plants

We design and built highly efficient turnkey sorting plants for utilizing and recycling materials.

Each plant requires an exclusive study and design to offer the maximum productivity of each machine with the less effort.

Our technical department in cooperation with the departments of our valuable partners are ready to give you the most efficient solution for your case.

Our experience with the innovative ideas are the right solution to trust.

The advantages of TC Technitio's Recycling Sorting plants

  • Recovery of recyclables otherwise going to landfill
  • Avoidance of Landfill tax by diverting bulk waste from landfill
  • The ability to process multiple waste streams e.g. industrial waste, aggregates and household waste over the same system
  • An environmentally-friendly process
  • Helps waste operators comply with the EU’s Landfill Directive
  • Low manual labour around the plant
  • Advancing automated processes and sorting machines mean low levels of labour across the plant
  • 24-hour operation possible

Recycling Sorting Plant - Ormic Baler 100x80-75T