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Optical Sorting Systems - RDF

Optical Sorting Systems - RDF

Optical Sorting Systems are highly automated and capable of high material capture for high throughput volumes.

In an RDF plant for the energy recovery from waste with the Optical Sorting Systems you can:

  • Extract the solid recovered fuel from all types of stream
  • Achieve a level of chlorine compatible with the requirements of industry, eliminating Chlorinated fractions
  • Prepare a combustible fraction with a controlled net calorific value (NCV)
  • Eliminate other contaminants
  • Statistical analysis of the passing stream

Reduce landfill costs and meet the customers’ specific requirements (cement factory, thermal power plants, etc.)

Municipal waste is by far the most heterogeneous. It is made up of household waste as well as green waste and non-industrial commercial waste.

Municipal waste is composed principally of packaging (plastics, metals, glass, etc.), paper, cardboard and other organic materials.

Machines are used to obtain optimal recovery from the Compost composed of organic material as well as from pre-treatment facilities processing household waste (untreated and residual).

Producing residue derived fuels (RDF) from municipal waste also requires automatic sorting.

Energy Recovery RDF