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RDF Plants

RDF Plants

Only TC Technitio can leverage expert engineering, broad experience and product line depth to create a turnkey waste processing solution. Our stationary systems are custom designed to handle the volume, material type and finished product specifications of each installation.

All products are available in stationary-electric configurations, ensuring the most efficient and productive component combination. Capable of fitting right into a high-volume operation processing up to 2000 tons of material per day or more, our products are built to handle heavy throughput while producing consistent results across the curve.

Whether you need to integrate an individual component into an existing system, or looking to create an entire turnkey solution from scratch, put TC Technitio and its partner’s long track record of success to work for you.

RDF plants recover recyclables from bulk waste and prepare the residual waste into a high calorific material so that it can be burnt as a fuel. This high-calorie material is called refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and it is suitable for burning at cement kilns, incinerators and other plants requiring input fuel.

Whatever your throughput, TC Technitio will devise an RDF plant to suit your required footprint, budget and operating costs. We will also provide guaranteed recovery, purity and availability rating on all our equipment.

The advantages of TC Technitio's RDF plants

  • Recovery of recyclables otherwise going to landfill
  • Avoidance of Landfill tax by diverting bulk waste from landfil
  • An environmentally-friendly process
  • The ability to process multiple waste streams e.g. industrial waste, aggregates and household waste over the same syste
  • Low value plastics, such as food trays and yoghurt pots, that are usually landfilled are an excellent high-calorie material for RDF
  • Helps waste operators comply with the EU’s Landfill Directive
  • Low manual labour around the plant
  • Advancing automated processes and sorting machines mean low levels of labour across the plant
  • Large diameter trommels easily process the oversize materials within the waste stream
  • We design the plant to produce RDF to the exact calorific value needed by the operator
  • We design the plant to match capital budget
  • Heavy-duty machines withstand the hardwearing impact of aggregate, glass or skip waste content
  • All our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) are fully guarded and covered to protect operators around the MRF
  • 24-hour operation possible